Featured Upcoming Auctions

Surplus Assets - Ann Arbor Public Schools - Phase 2 June 19, 2018 Ann Arbor, MI Various school and office furniture from district middle schools
Weekly Kalamazoo Biddergy.com Consignment & Recovery June 20, 2018 Kalamazoo, MI Weekly auctions will consist of consignment and recovered items including vehicles, heavy equipment, trailers, appliances, electronics, and more. Call today if interested in buying or selling! Items will be added daily, auction will included over 1,000 items this week!
Surplus Assets - Monthly Restaurant Equipment & Supplies June 21, 2018 Kalamazoo & Dearborn, MI Coolers, freezers, ovens, warmers, slicers, tables & chairs, mixers, decor, and much much more! Interested SELLERS, please contact us today for information on how we can help you sell a few items or your entire restaurant!
Restaurant Liquidation - Applebee's Grill & Bar - Joliet, Illinois Location June 26, 2018 Joliet, IL All remaining contents of the recently closed Applebee's must be sold including kitchen equipment, booths, furniture, supplies, and more! All items are in great condition!
Surplus Assets - Bloomfield Hills Schools June 28, 2018 Bloomfield Hills , MI Surplus assets to include farm equipment and much more
FINAL DATE: Liquidation - Former Lowell Energy AD Anaerobic Digester Waste-to-Energy Facility July 19, 2018 Lowell, MI A final date has been established! All equipment from the former Lowell Energy AD Facility must be sold!