Featured Upcoming Auctions

Surplus Assets - City of Saline, MI August 21, 2018 (EDT) Saline, MI Various decommissioned assets owned, operated, and maintained by the City of Saline, MI.
Surplus Assets - Municipal Owned Vehicles/Equipment & Seized Assets August 21, 2018 (EDT) Various Locations Various assets both municipal owned and seized from cities, counties, and other government entities around the Midwest!
Surplus Assets - Lakeview School District August 21, 2018 (EDT) Battle Creek, MI Over 100 audio / visual equipment cabinets with presentation equipment.
Weekly Kalamazoo Biddergy.com Consignment & Recovery August 22, 2018 (EDT) Kalamazoo, MI Weekly auctions will consist of consignment and recovered items including vehicles, heavy equipment, trailers, appliances, electronics, and more. Call today if interested in buying or selling! Items will be added daily, auction will included over 1,000 items this week!
Surplus Assets - Monthly Restaurant Equipment & Supplies August 23, 2018 (EDT) Kalamazoo & Detroit Coolers, freezers, ovens, warmers, slicers, tables, chairs, mixers, decor, and much more! Interested SELLERS, please contact us today for information on how we can help you sell a few items or your entire restaurant!