Featured Upcoming Auctions

Overstock - National Home Goods Store - Metro Detroit Auction Center August 26, 2019 (EDT) Over $80,000 of sorted items to include housewares, toys, electronics, appliances, and more from Bed Bath & Beyond! Brand new overstock items and some damaged packaging.
Liquidation - Elk Rapids Schools - Elk Rapids, MI August 27, 2019 (EDT) Elk Rapids, MI Auction to include buses, janitorial equipment, kitchen equipment, classroom furniture, and more!
Weekly Kalamazoo Biddergy.com Consignment & Recovery August 28, 2019 (EDT) Kalamazoo, MI Weekly auctions will consist of consignment and recovered items including vehicles, heavy equipment, trailers, appliances, electronics, and more. Call today if interested in buying or selling! Items will be added daily, auction will included over 1,000 items this week!