Auction Types

All auctions are conducted on our own, exclusive online platform to eliminate dependency on third-party vendors and to aid in flexibility and accommodate special requests. 

Weekly Consignment & Recovery Auctions conducts weekly online auctions from its auction centers every Tuesday and Wednesday. These auctions consist of thousands of items, ranging from vehicles to electronics to household items, from multiple sellers. also offers a fleet of trucks and trailers to pick up just about any asset. 

Onsite Liquidation Auctions
Closing a business, renovating, or downsizing? conducts onsite online auctions weekly.  Our mobile team comes to your site when relocating items may not be cost effective. has conducted onsite online auctions across the nation!  Our “turn-key” process requires little to no effort from you or your team.  From preparing items for auction to the coordination of equipment riggers, we have you covered. 

Specialty Auctions
As a marketing strategy, conducts specialty auctions when multiple sellers may have similar assets to be sold. These auctions include monthly restaurant equipment & supplies auctions, industrial equipment auctions, multi municipality auctions, and more! 

Real Estate sells millions of dollars of real estate per year!  Our dedicated real estate team can assist with auction preparation and our brokerage company can guide you through closing!

Charity Auctions
Online auctions are an innovated way to raise money for your cause!  We’ve conducted auctions for multiple non-profit organizations such as the United Way.  Public and private online auctions are available.  

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